About us

We started our journey back in 2020, back then for the first time we developed a prototype of the sampo robot. Now our robotic solutions have been used in European market since 2020. Our Technologies such as RTR and RTL are ways to automate the construction fully and dramatically reduce labor costs and make the working process economically more efficient and stable. We have based our work on the ambitious goal of creating an intelligent robot to help humans.
We make customers happy
Clients first
We focus on customer satisfaction and always put ourselves in their shoes. Understanding the customer is primary goal for the team.
We think big
It's time to think about what the main purpose of automation is. We believe that autonomous robots are not the future, but the present.
Prioritizing on automation
At URobot Labs, we build intelligent, autonomous mobile robots to help people. The ultimate goal is to automate tasks, including for hazardous and dirty jobs.
Each of our robots has a special warranty for 1 year, whatever the failure or malfunction, we will promptly replace your robot with new one within 48 hours since the registration of your application.